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10 AI business ideas 2024

Setting a 31-minute timer, I'm gearing up to present 10 specific AI business ideas. I'm compelled to do this due to the lack of concrete guidance on leveraging AI, amidst the overwhelming hype around its potential. As an entrepreneur and an idea generator, having run an idea lab for six years and currently hosting a business idea-focused podcast, I feel qualified to delve into this. My investment experience in AI startups, amounting to around $2 million, further backs my insights.

In this quest, I aim to offer specific, actionable AI business opportunities. My track record includes predicting the rise of GPT-3 back in July 2020 on my podcast, highlighting its potential before it became mainstream. Today, as OpenAI is valued at $90 billion, my foresight seems to have been accurate.

I'm presenting these ideas ranging from simple, non-technical ventures to ambitious, game-changing concepts. They cover various domains like robotics, therapy, celebrity marketing, education, and even porn. The final idea, I believe, represents a monumental opportunity in AI.

Before diving in, let's revisit the early days of the internet, reflecting on the evolution of technology and how certain moments present vast opportunities. As an entrepreneur, recognizing these shifts is crucial for capitalizing on them. Despite missing some past opportunities, the advent of AI offers a new chance to make a significant impact.

Here are the 10 AI business ideas:

10. Eliminate the Wait: Speed up business processes by replacing slow, manual customer interactions with immediate AI responses. An example is AI phone agents that instantly connect with potential customers, enhancing conversion rates.

9. Therapy for Everyone: Develop AI-based therapy services to make mental health support more accessible and affordable, drastically increasing the number of people benefitting from therapeutic guidance.

8. Warehouse Automation with Robots: Capitalize on the low current use of robotics in warehousing by providing solutions that automate and streamline these operations, a model pioneered by Amazon.

7. AI Consulting Firm: Start a consultancy specializing in AI solutions for businesses, helping them integrate AI into their operations. This could include content creation, conferences, and direct consulting services.

6. Celebrity Deepfake Licensing: Establish a rights management company for celebrities and athletes to control the use of their digital likenesses, ensuring ethical and profitable use of deepfake technology. 

5. Anti-Cameo for Deepfake Detection: Provide services to detect and take down unauthorized or malicious deepfake content, protecting celebrities and public figures from misuse of their image. 

4. AI Tutors: Develop AI-driven tutoring platforms that offer personalized education, adapting to each student's learning pace and style.

3. Accent Neutralization for Call Centers: Implement AI technology to neutralize accents in customer service calls, improving communication and customer satisfaction. 

2. AI-Driven Adult Content: Use AI to create personalized, ethical adult content, catering to diverse preferences while avoiding the ethical issues associated with traditional porn production.

1. Self-Doing To-Do Lists: Develop AI agents that not only create task lists based on user goals but also execute these tasks, revolutionizing productivity and task management.

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